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Mole Control

Mole Control

The European Mole is rarely seen but the first signs of a moles underground activity is molehills that can quickly wreck gardens, sports fields, playing fields and crops.

A mole’s unseen tunneling will damage root systems of plants and seedlings as well as uncover stones and debris that could damage garden or farm machinery.

We offer a comprehensive mole control service on both a one off and contractual basis to homeowners, farmers, sports grounds, cemeteries, horticultural, estates, commercial and industrial clients.

We use traditional trapping methods for all our control programmes.

Basingstoke and Hampshire mole control will help you identify an effective mole treatment by providing:

Fast, reliable response with no call out charges.
A free survey of the site or problem with a free no obligation quote.

Discreet and swift service for sensitive or urgent problems.

Population: Pre-breeding season estimated to be 31,000,000.

Suffolk Wildlife Services only use traditional methods of control using traps, there is a gas that can be used but we consider this to be inhumane and inaffective. Trapping gives a postive result that we can 100% guarantee.

There are generally four types of traps we use depending on location and soil type.