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0 Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

  • Rabbits
  • by Administrator
  • 24-01-2020
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What is Night Vision and Thermal Imaging and how does it work?

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment is an important tool in aiding the control of wild rabbit populations especially where a discreet service is needed.

Night Vision is as the name suggests, a type of optic that allows us to see at night. Thermal Imaging on the other hand works by clearly highlighting unknowing rabbits as a heat source to our operatives.

These high tech optics are utilised via different forms, spotting monocular or binoculars, rifle scopes and drones. Such systems make it virtually impossible for rabbits to hide at night once they have left the safety of the burrows. This allows us to accurately evaluate population levels and remove high numbers quickly when used in conjunction with firearms. We utilise these optics at night in conjunction with a variety of firearms fitted with silencers suited to the safety of the location. This allows us to control rabbits out of sight and out of mind with extremely effective results.

When to use Night Vision and Thermal equipment.

The equipment is relied upon for a variety of reasons that sees us using it most nights of the week and in a variety of locations. This can be from protecting crops on farmland to removing rabbits from sensitive areas such tourist attractions during out of ours.

We use this method in conjunction with different firearms to suit the intended location. All rifles are fitted with silencers to help avoid unwanted disturbance to both rabbits and neighbours in the vicinity. In many environments it’s a simple case of it is the most effective but in a lot of circumstances a discreet method of control is required by the client. This can be for a number of reasons which make it a favourable option to use less discreet methods like lamping at night. Our licensed marksman can be situated in a variety points at the location, on foot, from a 4×4, high seat or upstairs window etc. This method is effective for high populations, or where a few are causing problems as well during eradication projects.

Why you need Night Vision and Thermal Imaging from a professional.

We work with the latest technology to provide the best possible results whilst providing a cost effective service.

The use of such equipment is backed up by unmatched experience in the field carrying out rabbit control projects across all corners of the UK. This efficient system provides results quickly and can be relied upon where other methods fail or need complementing to get the required results. Its use makes eradication projects easier to manage. The unknowing rabbits are humanely shot one by one quickly reducing the population. This successful and discreet method works well in both rural and urban areas.

Did you know…

  • This form of control is often a preferred choice for landowners, companies and organisations wanting a discreet service.
  • It is virtually impossible for rabbits not to be spotted when out of burrows with Thermal Imaging equipment.

Our team use Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment for clients with a vast spectrum of land uses. To find why our customers like this approach and how its effects could benefit you – please contact us to discuss your rabbit problem.