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  • 0 Canada Goose Control

    • Birds
    • by Administrator
    • 19-04-2022
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    We were recently called to a University that was having a serious problem with a pair of Canada Geese, they were attacking the students and defecating all over the paths. During the Easter term break, we removed the geese discreetly and humanely in an hour or so and no one was none the wiser. If you are having a problem with Canada or Egyptian Geese please do not hesitate to call us.

  • 0 Magpie Trapping

    • Birds
    • by Administrator
    • 25-05-2020
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    Magpie season is underway and several pairs have been caught on the chicken farm already in the last week or but still a few more pairs to catch up with. The magpies cause havoc on the chicken farm entering the sheds and pecking holes in the eggs to eat the contents, the magpies can destroy a couple of dozen eggs a day if not stopped.